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Drawing for Storyboards

Visual storytelling takes a special set of skills that's not just about drawing pretty pictures. Learn the visual storytelling methods that will make your shots engage with your audience every time. 

Animatics and Previz

Creating an animatic is the best way to showcase your visual stories! If you create an animatic correctly you can better sell your idea and grab a viewer’s attention from the first few shots. We discuss the latest trends in story reels to create a complete visual story pitch.

Camera and Staging

Your scene will come to life if you have interesting staging with quality camera moves. But where to place your characters for maximum visual impact? We breakdown staging and moving the camera to make even the toughest scenes feel seamless. 

Here's what some of our students have submitted for feedback

Sergio Paez is an animation director and veteran story artist with over 20 years of industry experience. Sergio was most recently an episodic director on the Emmy Award-nominated series Star Wars Resistance and Star Wars Rebels from Lucasfilm. His film credits in the United States and Europe include projects for Pixar, Lucasfilm, Sony, and Sega. Sergio is a founding member of the visual storytelling community As an author Sergio’s latest book "Professional Storyboarding: Rules of Thumb" is the definitive guide for the story professional.
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